Custom Ceiling Tiles

Custom Ceiling Tiles

  • Custom ceiling tiles are made of Architectural Foam
  • Custom ceiling tiles can be 2´x2´, 2´x4´, 4´x4´ or 4´x8´
  • Custom ceiling tiles can represent your corporate branding, slogan or simply a logo
  • Class "A" fire rated, thermo efficient, designed to last for decade
  • Snow white in color, fits into standard 15/16" grid, easy to install
  • Average production time - only 2-3 weeks
Instructions on how to lay up glue on ceiling tiles

Custom ceiling tiles made to reflect your own style. We can produce almost any pattern, integrate logo, slogan or create unique ceiling effects. The possibilities are endless. Let us know what you like and we will realize it for you.

Pricing: stamped polystyrene ceiling tiles - $12.99 ea. Flat rate set up fee per pattern - $350.00.

Additionally we offer printed ceiling tiles with pictures of sky, water, nature or anything else you'd like. You can use our digital library or supply yours.


Now offering 12 NEW Marble Textures!
Light Weight Ceiling Tiles that look like Marble.
Buy plain white finish or select from 12 marble textures

Silver Cloud Ceiling Tile Texture

Silver Cloud

Butler Grey Ceiling Tile Texture

Butler Grey

Raja Pink Ceiling Tile Texture

Raja Pink

Shell Grey Ceiling Tile Texture

Shell Grey

Kashmir Gold Ceiling Tile Texture

Kashmir Gold

Sira Grey Ceiling Tile Texture

Sira Grey

White Galaxy Ceiling Tile Texture

White Galaxy

Red Rosa Ceiling Tile Texture

Red Rosa

Colonial Rose Ceiling Tile Texture

Colonial Rose

Black Pearl Ceiling Tile Texture

Black Pearl

Tan Brown Ceiling Tile Texture

Tan Brown

Red Ruby Ceiling Tile Texture

Red Ruby



Holiday Inn


Custom ceiling tile

Burger King

Custom ceiling tile


Custom ceiling tile


Custom ceiling tile


Coca Cola